Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bathing for your health.

From the BATH AND BRISTOL GUIDE undated, probably late 18th century.

A description of the various baths available in the city of Bath, famous, of course, for its natural springs. Note the ways of measuring. We'd left hogsheads behind by my youth, but arithmetic was still an interesting challenge before the metric system was introduced.

"In the South-West part of the City are three other baths, viz (1) The Hot Bath, which is not much inferior to the King's Bath, and contains 53 Tons 2 Hogsheads and 11 gallons of water. (2) The Cross Bath, which contains 52 tons, 3 hogsheads, and 11 gallons. (3) The Leper's Bath, which is not so much frequented as the othes are."

Why am I not surprised?!?

Jo :)