Saturday, February 16, 2008

When royalty come to call.

From Horace Walpole's letters, 1764

(The quiet summer living of George III and Queen Charlotte is a minor factor in A Lady's Secret, set in 1764 and out in April.Read more about it here.

Now, Horace, whose house at Strawberry Hill was famous.

"I have been much distressed this morning. The royal family
reside chiefly at Richmond, whither scarce necessary servants
attend them, and no mortal else but Lord Bute. The King and
Queen have taken to going about to see places; they have been at
Oatlands and Wanstead.

A quarter before ten to-day, I heard the bell at the gate ring,--that is, I was not up, for my hours are not reformed, either at night or in the morning,--I inquired who it was? the Prince of Mecklenburgh and De Witz had called to know if they could see the house; my two Swiss, Favre and Louis, told them I was in bed, but if they would call again in an hour, they might see it. I shuddered at this report,--and would it were the worst part! The Queen herself was behind, in a coach: I am shocked to death, and know not what to do!

It is ten times worse just now than ever at any other time: it will certainly be said, that I refused to let the Queen see my house. See what it is to have republican servants! When I made a tempest about it,Favre said, with the utmost sang froid, "Why could not he tell me
he was the Prince of Mecklenburgh?" I shall go this evening and
consult my oracle, Lady Suffolk. If she approves it, I will
write to De Witz, and pretend I know nothing of any body but the
Prince, and beg a thousand pardons, and assure him how proud I
should be to have his master visit my castle at Thundertentronk."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

costume site

I stumbled across this interesting illustrated dictionary.
Costume site

It's actually a collection of old clip art, but as it gives information about the different clothing items, it's useful.

I'm not sure this picture is on the site. I plucked it from my own clip art collection.

Jo :)