Thursday, February 11, 2010


Not a new thing at all. Apparently the first English one was in the time of Good Queen Bess, and they only ceased in the 1820s, to be begun again in one form with the Premium Bonds, and in the 1990s by a straight lottery.

And linked to gambling, at least, in March the UK edition of Tempting Fortune, book 2 of the Mallorens, available in trade paperback, postage free from The Book Depository. You can order your copy now.

From sunny but nippy Whitby,


Saturday, February 06, 2010

A gift for a Wenchly guest

My guest at Word Wenches last Wednesday was the wonderful author Stephanie Laurens, whose latest book is Elusive Bride, in her Black Cobra series.

We Wenches like to give our guests virtual gifts as that allows us unstinting generosity.

As Stephanie loves to write about military men I thought of this, and the easiest place to display in on the web is here. It's a little bit out of her time frame, but it would look wonderful in her Australian home.

A magnificent suit of 16th century armour.

I hope you never need to don it, Stephanie!