Monday, August 08, 2011

Arson in London

The book I'm finishing now, A Scandalous Countess, takes place in 1765, mostly in London, mostly in June.

I thought this event from the time had an unfortunate echo of current events. "A most desolating species of villainy seems to gain ground among the abandoned crew, that infest this metropolis, who, by setting fire to old buildings, sheds, and work-shops, burn down dwelling houses, and thereby facilitate the meant of robbery, on the profits of which they subsist. No lest than 7 or 8 discoveries of trains laid for this desperate putpose have been discovered and defeated within a few weeks. It is hoped, therefore, that sime severe law will be made to prevent a crime, which, one would think, the most profligate wretch in the world would tremble at the consequences of committirg."
The Gentleman's Magazine, 1765