Monday, June 20, 2005

I want my mummy.

"Mummies were of several kinds, and were all of great use in magnetic medicine. Paracelsus enumerates six kinds of mummies; the first four only differing in the composition used by different people for preserving their dead, are the Egyption, Arabian, Pesasphalton, and Lybian. The fifth mummy of particular power was made from criminals that had been hanged: 'for from such there is a gentle siccation that expungeth the watery humor without dentroying the oil and sprirituall, which is cherished by the heavenly luminaries and strengthened continually by the affluence and impulses of the celestial spirits; whence it may properly be called by the name of constellated or celestial mummic."

The sixth kind of mummy was made of corpuscles, or spiritual effluences, radiated from the living body; though we cannot get a very clear idea on this head, or respecting the manner in which they were caught."

Footnote in the section on magnetic medicine in Mackay's MEMOIRS OF EXTRAORDINARY POPULAR DELUSIONS, The Office of the National Illustrated Library, London, 1852

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