Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What's good for the fly...?

Truly, I'm not obsessed by food and drink. Perhaps that's where the weird stuff lies.

I was looking in my facsimile of the 1771 Enc. Britannia (originally for Scottish counties, but that's another story) for Hrothgar. One of my most popular heroes is the Marquess of Rothgar, and on my maillist people were talking about the origin of the name. I got it from Beowulf so I was curious as to whether it would be in there, being a recent literary find at the time.

No, but my eye wandered to:
ROS-SOLIS, sundew, an agreeable spiritous liquor composed of burnt brandy, sugar, cinnamon, and milk water; and sometimes perfumed with a little musk: it is so called as being at first prepared wholly of the juice of the plant ros-solis, or drosera.

That is, sundew.

My first question is, where does anyone get that much sundew juice?

My first speculation is whether there's something in sundew juice with interesting properties.

This sent me on a google search.
"It is said that sundew juice can curdle milk, remove warts, and relieve chronic coughs. Some report the juice acts as an aphrodisiac; others say it just puts them to sleep."

19th century medicinal info here.

Modern here.


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