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People in Sheffield in 1781

My MIP involves industrial Sheffield in 1764 (not too much, don't worry!) and I was looking for a likely street for my heroine's family to have lived on.

Wonderfully, I found a list from 1781 on an Australian genealogy site. Not only does it give me likely streets, it gives a snapshot of the occupations and industries of the time. Note, for example, the ink pot maker. That was a business that would eventually die out. Sheffield, of course, was mostly known for making items from iron and steel and then for silver plate, especially knives and such.(a cutler, hence cutlery)

Isn't there something ominous about the address Truelove's-gutter?

The available list is only the beginning.

Abbot Eli, silk dyer, Westbar-green
Abdy John, cutler, Howard-street
Addy William, cutler, Westbar-green
Alcard James, grocer, Scotland-street
Alcock John, and Co. inkpot makers, Bailey Field
Aldham William, grocer, Change-alley
Allen George, and Robert, linendrapers and tea dealers, New-street
Allen Widow, lantern light, & comb maker, Scargill Croft
Allen Thomas, snuffer maker, Bailey Field
Allen Thomas, master of the charity school, Church-yard
Almond James, manufacturer of plated goods, Westbar
Almond John, victualler, Townhead Cross
Almond Roger, victualler, Blind-lane
Alsop George, victualler, Ponds
Alsop Luke, cutler, Coalpit-lane
Alsop Samuel, founder and anvil maker, Sheffield Moor Amory
Amory George, roper, flaxdresser, and linendraper, Hartshead
Amory Widow, victualler, High-street
Anderton John, dealer in flour, Pea Croft
Antt Joseph, and Son, factors, Lambert Croft
Ant James, dealer in cloaths, & c. Burgess-street
Appleby, Scholfield and Co. founders, Gibralter
Ardron John, grocer, Truelove's-gutter
Armfield William, linendraper, King-street
Ash Richard, cutler, Young-street
Ashforth, Ellis, Wilson, and Hawksley's, manufacturers of silver and plated goods, Angel-street
Ashforth Samuel, cutler, Park
Ashmore John, victualler, Park
Ashton Adam, carpenter, and overseer of the water-works, Brinsworth's Orchard
Aslin Widow, victualler, Bullstake
Atherton John, whitesmith, Millsands
Bacon Thomas, dealer in milk, Silver-street
Badger Joseph, carpenter & joiner, Brinsworth's Orchard
Bagnall John, dyer, Ponds
Bailey and Eadon, scissorsmiths, ironmongers, and factors, Westbar
Banks William, button maker, Porto Bello
Barber and Genn, saw and fender makers, Spring-street
Bardwell John, auctioneer, Norfolk-street
Barker Joseph, baker, Scotland-street
Barlow, and Co. scissorsmiths, Meadow-street
Barlow, Longden, and Co. scissorsmiths, Scotland-street
Barlow William, baker, Truelove's-gutter
Barlow John, cutler, Campo-lane
Bardsley James, pawnbroker, Westbar
Bamsley George, victualler, Truelove's-gutter Barnes
Barnes Isaac, cutler, Campo-lane
Barnes Thomas, cutler, Smithfield
Bartram James, horn turner, Scotland-street
Bateman George, cutler, Smithfield
Bates Samuel and George, filesmiths, Spring-street
Bates James, malt and cheese factor, Truelove's-gutter
Batty Widow, cooper, Townhead Well
Battie James, watchmaker, Wain-gate
Bayley Robert, and Richard, ironmongers, and hardwaremen, High-street
Bayliffe Rev. George, curate of Ecclesall, New-street
Bayliffe Rev. Wm. assistant curate of the New Church, do.
Beal Richard, shopkeeper, Coalpit-lane
Beard Samuel, victualler, Furnace-hill
Beard James, victualler, Coalpit-lane
Beardshaw William, cutler, Silver-street
Beardshaw John, victualler, HolIes Croft
Beardsall Francis, Hotel Inn, top of Wain-gate
Beatson Thomas, victualler, Coalpit-lane
Beatson Benjamin, sheather, Park
Beely Thomas, cutler, Ponds .
Beely John, victualler, Smithfield
Beet and Senyer's, cutlers, Pea Croft
Beet Widow, and Sons, cutlers, Broad-lane
Beet John, cutler, Norfolk-street
Beet Edward, cutler, Lambert Croft
Beet Jeremiah, victualler, Norfolk-street
Beldon, Hoyland, and Co. silver cutlers, Burgess-street
Bell's and Shepherd, scissorsmiths, Gibralter
Bell Benjamin, victualler, Back-lane
Bell Widow, victualler, Copper-street
Bellamy John, innkeeper, King-street
Bennet Edward, sugar baker, Union-street
Bennet Thomas, factor, Pinston-lane
Bennet George, plumber and glazier, Far-gate
Berry Joseph, vigo button maker, Pond-lane
Berry Noah, dye-sinker and button maker, Scargill Croft
Bincks William, porter and brandy merchant, Pea Croft
Bingley John, currier, Jehu-lane .
Binney Joseph, cutler, Broad-lane End
Birks William, and John, cutlers, Union-street
Birks Isaac, butcher and victualler, Truelove's-gutter
Birkinshaw Francis, cutler, Silver-street
Birtles Abraham, bricklayer, Young-street
Birtles Abraham, victualler, Burgess-street
Bishop George, fon. edgetool maker, Brinsworth's Orchard
Bishop Samuel, blacksmith, Bailey Field
Bishop George, jun. do. do.
Bishop Thomas, cutler, China-square
Blackburn Joseph, dyer, Bonds
Blain John, surgeon and man-midwife, York-street
Blake Thomas, filesmith, Green-lane
Bland Thomas, factor, Queen-street
Bland James, cafe maker, Queen-street
Bland John, victualler, Snig-hill ,-
Blonk, and Son, scissorsmiths, Norfolk-street
Booth, Binck's, Hartop, and Co. founders.
Bower George, victualler, Silver-street
Bowker William, barber, High-street
Bowker Jonathan, hatter, Wain-gate
Bradbury Thomas, baker, Wain-gate
Bradbury Daniel, assay-master, Pond-lane
Bradwell Thomas, flaxdresser, Far-gate -
Brailsford William, upholsterer, Norfolk-street :
Brailsford Thomas, do. High-street
Brammall Nicholas, cutler, White Croft
Brammall George, scissorsmith, Pinston-lane.
Bramhall James, cutler, Porto Bello
Brammall John, filesmith, Westbar-green.
Briddock Martin, cutler, Lambert Croft.
Bright Thomas, gent. Hawley Croft
Bright James, barber, Westbar
Bright Widow, cutler, HolIes Croft
Bright Widow, victualler, top of Silver-street
Brittain, Wilkinson, and Brownell, factors, and manufacturers of cutlery wares, Arundel-street
Brittain Benjamin, cutler, Hawley Croft
Brittlebank Abraham, Hermitage bowling-green
Broadbent Thomas, and Joseph, merchants, Brinsworth's Orchard
Broadbent Samuel, factor, and agent to the Lombard-street Fire-Office, Castle-green-head
Broadbent Dennis, scissorsmith, Brinsworth's Orchard
Broadbent Roger, butcher, Norfolk-street
Broadhead Joseph, grocer and malster, Snig-hill
Broadhead William, cutler, Bailey Field
Broadhead Jonathan, victualler, Bullstake
Brookes John, and Son, factors, Far-gate
Brookes Francis, cutler, New-street
Brookes James, turner, Far-gate
Brookfield John, attorney,
Brookfield William, scissorsmith, Trinity-street
Brookfield John, victualler, Church-lane
Brookfield George, victualler, Campo-lane
Broomhead Benjamin, and Joseph, factors, and manufacturers of cutlery wares, Far-gate
Broomhead, Hinchsliffe, and Co. merchants, and manufacturers of cutlery wares, Brinsworth's Orchard
Broomhead and Ward, cutlers, Eyre-street
Broomhead Joseph, cutler, Lambert Croft
Broomhead John, victualler, Park
Broomhead Richard, butcher, Westbar
Brown, Wheat and Co. manufacturers of white and red lead, Pond-lane
Brown Revel, inkpot maker, Truelove's-gutter
Brown Cornelius, dealer in toys, hardware, & c. Market-place
Brown Mrs. milliner, Change-alley
Brown George, cutler, Coalpit-lane
Brown Joseph, shoemaker, Coalpit-lane
Brownell John, ironmonger and factor, Westbar-green
Brunt Jonathan, printer, King-street
Bryant Rev. Thomas, minister of the dissenting chapel, in Scotland-street
Bullhouse William, victualler, Park
Bullock John, anvil maker, Smithfield
Burch George, cutler, Spring-street
Burditt John, clasp and collar maker, Pond-lane
Burgen Thomas, vigo button maker, Hawley Croft
Burnand Robert, linendraper, and dealer in furniture and cloaths, Market-place
Burton Michael, attorney, Paradise-square
Burton William, surgeon and man-midwife,
Butler William, cutler, Trinity-street
Butler John, dealer in flour, & c. Townhead Well
Butler Stephen, cutler, Townhead Well
Butterworth John, edgetool maker, Pea Croft
Cadman Peter, and Co. cutlers, Norfolk-street
Cadman Luke, cutler, Norfolk-street
Cadman David, cutler, Longstone-lane
Cadman Benjamin, filesmith, Lambert Croft
Cadman George, cutler, Bank
Calack William, butcher and victualler, Campo-Ian
Cam James, filesmith, Norfolk-street
Cam Widow; victualler, Far-gate

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