Friday, November 16, 2007

Those messy marriages

Having just finished A Lady's Secret,(out in April)

I'm poking around research for the next and came across this interesting analysis of a messy legal situation connected to marriage in the early 18th century.

Read the article here.

It's worth noting the emotional level acceptable in a man back then. Sure, he was probably lying, but he can't have felt it made him ridiculous.

"Your Letter lies now before me; I have not words to Express my Agony of Soul upon reading of it. I sunk from my Chair to the floor, void of all manner of sense and when I came to myself there was no body to pity me. Oh had my dearest Madie been there and heard my Groans,"

Let's see, a modern writer of Georgian romances has her hero, Rafe, the Duke of Blackcastle, receive a letter from the woman he loved and abandoned...

"Rafe slid off his chair in a dead faint. When he came to, he groaned, unable to bear the thought that he was all alone with none to pity his suffering, that..."

Nah, not seeing it!


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